September 14, 2014_Where Is God When Life Hurts?
Hillside United Methodist Church |
09/17/2014 |
Where Is God When Life Hurts? Dr. John Beyers due to a technical issue we do not have the first 17 minutes of the video portion of the sermon. However, the entire audio content of Dr. Beyers' sermon is on this file. Apologies from the Technical Ministries crew.
September 7, 2014_Contemporary Service
Hillside United Methodist Church |
09/09/2014 |
Isaiah 6:1-8 WORSHIP .. Experiencing God's Majestic Presence Dr. John Beyers Contemporary Service
August 31, 2014_The Spiritual QWEST_Tithe Cheerfully
Hillside United Methodist Church |
09/02/2014 |
2 Corinthians 9:6-11 Moving From Success to Significance Dr. John Beyers