Commonly asked questions

I’m pretty busy; how long will serving take?

There are service opportunities available that will fit any schedule! Some ministries are seasonal and are only active for a specific period of time. Examples include Christmas Angels (active in the fall) and Vacation Bible School (active in the summer). Other ministries only require serving once or twice a month. There are ministries that are active during the week, some on weekends, during the day or at night. There are even ministries you can do from home, on your own schedule. The Catalog of Ministries will give you the details on each service opportunity to choose the very best fit for you!

I am kind of new to this whole church thing–can I still help?

Hillside will provide the needed training for every ministry. You will also have the name and number of a ministry leader who can answer questions. On the Every Member In Ministry form you will see a dot next to the ministry choices that are particularly good for first-time servants. That may be a good place for you to start.

How do I know what will be a good fit for me personally?

Everyone has different passions and life experiences that help shape who they are. Everyone has been given certain abilities, called Spiritual Gifts, by the Holy Spirit. To get the ball rolling, you may want to give some thought to the following questions:

  • Am I outgoing or am I a shy, behind-the-scenes type of person?
  • Do I like doing very specific, detailed tasks or do I like tasks that are more interactive?
  • What are the type of things I have really enjoyed doing for others in the past?
  • What specific community concerns or needs do I feel passionate about?
  • Do I have any special training, knowledge, or hobbies that may be of use to others?

You can also take the Spiritual Gifts Discovery, available at the Welcome Centers, to see what your God-given strengths are and to see ministry suggestions that are a great match to your unique gifts! Finally, check out the Catalog of Ministries online to get more specific information about each ministry opportunity and to contact Ministry leaders who will be happy to answer questions! If you are still not sure, call the Office of Servant Ministries at 770-924-4777, Ext. 114 for assistance.

What if I get started and don’t like it?

No problem! Just contact your Ministry Leader with a couple of weeks’ notice and then call the Office of Servant Ministries, 770-924-4777, Ext.114, so we can help you find a better fit!

Will there be childcare for my kids while I serve?

We try our best to offer childcare while ministries are most active. The current childcare and program schedule is provided in the Children’s Ministry section of this website. If you are still unsure, feel free to call your Ministry Leader or the Children’s Ministry Department at 770-924-4777, Ext. 122.

What will happen when I submit my Every Member In Ministry (EMIM) form?

Whether you submit a form online or by paper, your ministry choices will be recorded and sent on to the leaders of your specific ministries. Within two weeks the leaders will contact you with information regarding training and scheduling. Hillside’s leaders want this to be a wonderful and productive experience for you! They will be happy to work with you and answer any questions you may have now or in the future. You can also contact the Office of Servant Ministries regarding any service-related questions at 770-924-4777, Ext. 114.