SPRC Primary Responsibilities

a. Encourage, strengthen, nurture, support, and respect the pastor and staff and their families, including advocating for a healthy work/life balance.

b. Promote unity in the churches.

c. Confer with the staff on the effectiveness of ministry and impediments to effectiveness, including conflict of interest, and sexual misconduct.

d. Confer with the staff about effective use of their gifts, skills, time, and priorities.

e. Conduct annual staff evaluations.

f. Teach the congregation about itinerancy, steps into ordained ministry,the value of diversity in staffing, and the ministerial education fund.

g. Write job descriptions for staff.

h. Confer with staff about continuing education and spiritual formation.

i.  Confer with the district superintendent about the clergy leadership for the congregation.

j.  Recommend staff positions to the church council.

k. Create written personnel policies and sexual misconduct policies for the congregation.

l.  Consult on matters of staff support including housing, vacation, insurance,pension, and other matters outlined in the Discipline.



SPRC Members

  1. Mark Ritchey 
  2. Tom Schnepf  
  3. Greg Faber
  4. Kristen Geisler 
  5. Donna DeYoung
  6. Erin Park 
  7. Angie Chattin 
  8. Kevin Jones