The Leadership Council serves as elected representatives of the entire congregation between annual church business meetings (Charge Conference). The Leadership Council is made up of the lay leaders of individual ministry areas as well as the chairpersons of the Finance Committee, Staff Parish Relations Committee, and the Board of Trustees. Appointed Pastors and designated staff liaisons also take part. Leadership Council meetings are open to all Hillside members, however, only Leadership Council members may vote at Leadership Council meetings.  

The Purpose of the Leadership Council

  1. Prayerfully leading the church 
  2. Establish the vision for the church and oversee the visioning process
  3. Establish church wide goals that will fulfill the vision
  4. Facilitate the communication between ministries
  5. Communicate (educate) the congregation
  6. Empower the ministries as they need to be accountable
  7. Give oversight to finance, SPRC and trustees
  8. Sponsor special events to fulfill the vision of the church
  9. Be an access point for the congregation to speak


  1. Chairman (Corporate Officer) - Tina Kirkland * #
  2. Chair Finance (Corporate Officer) -  Greg Elder * #
  3. Chair Trustees (Corporate Officer) - Lori Moritz * #
  4. Lay Members to Annual Conference:
    1. Greg Faber * #
    2. Rita Faber #
  5. Lay Leaders:
    1. Kyle Giesler * #
    2. Anna Chapman * #
  6. Leadership Selection and Development - Rev. Herzen Andone*
  7. Staff Parish Relations (SPR) - Greg Faber * #
  8. Missions & Outreach Laity Lead - Virginia Elder #
  9. Missions and Outreach Staff Support - Christy Good
  10. Spiritual Formation Laity Lead (CEC) -  Susan Purifoy #
  11. Spiritual Formation Staff Support - Travis Jones
  12. Worship Laity Leader - Kim Rollbuhler #
  13. Worship Staff Support - Dr. Michael Cromwell
  14. Women’s Ministry Laity Lead - LeAnn Jones / Lesley Triplitt #
  15. Women's Ministry Staff Support - Jenny Hurt
  16. Men’s Ministry Laity Leader - Jeff Faile #
  17. Men's Ministry Staff Support - Travis Jones
  18. Youth Ministries Student Laity Lead - Emma Duncan #
  19. Youth Ministries Adult Laity Lead - Crawford Pound #
  20. Youth Ministries Staff Support - Steve Brooks
  21. Communications Staff Support - Lauren Cox
  22. Congregational Care Ministry Laity Lead - Susan Coker #
  23. Guest Services Laity Lead - Dave Wilson #
  24. Guest Services Staff Support - Beth Federman
  25. Hillside Preschool and Academy Laity Lead - Nick Cawood #
  26. Hillside Preschool and Academy Staff Support - Rev. Herzen Andone*
  27. JOY Ministry Laity Lead - Don Billion / Gail Billion #
  28. JOY Ministry Staff Support - Dr. Michael Cromwell
  29. Children Laity Lead - Rachel Blend #
  30. Children Staff Support - Jenny Hurt
  31. Director of Operations - David Good *

(*) Voting members of the Executive Leadership Team

(#) Voting members of the Leadership Council

Hillside Staff are Non-Voting Members of the Leadership Council

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