1. Responsibilities from the Methodist Book of Discipline

a. The Finance Committee shall be charged with responsibility for developing and implementing plans that will raise sufficient income to meet the budget approved by the Leadership Council.

b. The Finance Committee shall administer the funds received according to the instructions of the Leadership Council.

2. Finance Committee's fiduciary responsibility

a. The Finance Committee has a fiduciary responsibility to the congregation to make sure all the financial resources of Hillside are properly handled.  This is both a legal and moral responsibility.

3. To conduct these responsibilities the Finance Committee

a. budget preparation

b. accountability for spending under the budget

c. fund raising activities

d. annual reviews or audits

e. relationships with financial institutions.

4. The Hillside Finance Committee is comprised of

  1. Chairperson: Greg Elder
  2. Chairperson or Vice Chairperson from Leadership Council:  Tina Kirkland
  3. Chairperson of Trustees: Brad Lund
  4. Chairperson of SPRC:  Greg Faber
  5. Stewardship Chairperson:  Steve Skeen
  6. Stewardship Lifestyle Ministry:  
  7. Treasurer:  Wendy McCullough
  8. Hillside Foundation and past Chairman:  Benny High
  9. Director of Operations:  David Good
  10. Senior Pastor:  Rev. Herzen Andone
  11. At large:  open
  12. At large:  open
  13. Finance Committee secretary:  open

5. The Finance Committee meets monthly on the third Monday of the month.