The purpose of the Hillside Board of Trustees (“Board”) is to supervise and maintain all property and tangible assets belonging to our congregation so that the ministries of Hillside can be effectively carried out.


1. To oversee, maintain, and supervise all local church property, including real property and equipment owned by the church.

2. To receive and administer all non-monetary gifts and bequests made to Hillside.

3. To ensure that the Articles of Incorporation of the congregation are kept up-to-date.

4. To be responsible, in consultation with the Pastor(s) and Executive Minister, for all useof church buildings and grounds and other tangible assets.

5. To conduct annual reviews of insurance coverage on all church property and personnelto ensure that the church, its properties, and its personnel are properly protected againstrisks.

6. To submit annual budget requests to the Finance Committee for facilities maintenanceand improvement, as well as new asset purchases.

7. To conduct an annual accessibility audit of Hillside’s buildings, grounds, and facilities todiscover and correct physical barriers that may impede the full participation of peoplewith disabilities.

8. To be accountable to the congregation through the Leadership Council.

Board of Trustees Members

  1. Chairperson Lori Moritz - 2019 
  2. Christine Bickerton - 2020
  3. Vince Carver  -  2018
  4. Henry Dryden - 2018
  5. Brett Hellenga -  2018
  6. Bill Sanford - 2020
  7. Jeanne Sperry  -  2019
  8. Carol Thomas  -  2019
  9. Greg Walker - 2020