Women of Hillside Small Groups

Growing Godly Women

Small Groups differ from Bible studies in two very distinct ways:

1. Bible studies may range in size from 4 to 30. Small groups are limited to 8 - 12 ladies.

2. Bible studies are open to all ladies to join at any times. Small groups are formed based on the mutual availability of ladies to meet. Once formed, small groups are closed to ladies just dropping in. This ensures the integrity of the group and the ability to share openly, and encourages deeper relationships among group members.  Ladies may be added to a group only with the express approval/invitation of the existing members.

Small group members:

  • commit to attend weekly
  • commit to pray for one another
  • commit to hold the conversations in confidence
  • commit to a deeper level of accountability in their application of God's Living Word in their lives.

Small groups are a place where you will experience a deeper level of intimacy with other women and with the Lord. 

New groups are always forming!

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