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We have several different types of ongoing life group opportunities at Hillside. Our Life Groups exist to provide a place for people to connect in life and to grow in their walks with God.

Sunday School Life Groups

Sunday School is on campus, Sunday mornings at 9:30, with a few that meet at 10:45. This is an open-door small group experience of varying models and curriculum. They all center on Bible Study and you can visit any one you like and commit as long as you wish.  For a downloadable list of our current Sunday School offerings Click Here

At Hillside we believe that small group life cannot be restricted by form or type. Instead we embrace all types of Life Groups because we believe that life is better when we live it together.




Leading a Life Group at Hillside

Leading a Life Group isn't about being perfect, its about having a heart to serve others and provide for them a place to both connect and grow. Shepherding a group is simple, choose what type of group you with to lead and select a time and location to meet with others to share it. Hillside will give you the essential tools to make your Life Group successful through Leadership Training and a Foundational Freedom Ministry Class that will change the way you see what you already see. Each new Life Group starts with our "getting started" Life Group Curriculum, to take the pressure off of the new group leader and to set the proper expectations with the group. We believe that lives are changed through one Life Group meeting at a time and, and you get to play a part in the process. Click below to start your Life Group!






More Information?

For help in getting connected, EMAIL Travis Jones.

If you are a current Hillside Life Group Leader Click Here